Lurvusk's twin sister Jumbodank is unleashed.

Grab a cup of tea, kick back and enjoy! It's on us.


New album Lurvusk is now complete!

Contained within are five killer songs you won't believe you were able to live without hearing.
 Speaking of living without hearing, listen till your ears bleed and let us know if you want a physical copy or medical aid for the bleeding.


The reason you haven't heard from us for a while is because half of us decided to go off and make a metal album. Here it is.
 But now pallecco is back stronger than ever. We’re in a very creative place, going through old ideas, new ones popping up in the process. we’ll be trying to narrow it down to something we can release before summer.


This year we will play at Maglehemsfestivalen again! We are scheduled to play on saturday 2 august, together with a bunch of other cool bands. Be there!


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We've spent the last few months in the studio, rehearsing new material. We're not sure yet what to make of it though. Next year, the plan is to play some more live gigs, so hopefully we will get a chance to try it out by then!


We will be playing at Maglehemsfestivalen on august 2! Check their Facebook and Twitter pages for the latest news. Hope to see you there!


Hard-copies have now arrived. If you want to buy one, either let us know via email or at the next gig.


Short follow-up:
You can now listen to the record on Spotify, iTunes and most of the other major music stores!


Floppdalen is now available on SoundCloud and Grooveshark.
 We've also uploaded a public profile on MyDebaser with three songs from the record. Listen and like, and we might get a gig at Debaser later on!


First post. New website, new album, and new times ahead! We've been recording finished material, and it's been a lot. From these recordings we picked out 15 songs to a collection we call Floppdalen.
 We've made it free for anyone who cares to listen, and we'll do our best to make it as readily available as possible. As a start, you can stream the record here on the website and/or download it as a zip file containing mp3's in 320 kbps. Stay tuned for more updates!


Jumbodank 2017

Lurvusk 2016

Floppdalen 2013